About Almost Heaven Plantation


About Almost Heaven Plantation




• Guests are expected to be respectful of the land, interests, and personnel of Almost Heaven Plantation.

• All guests will be required to attend a pre-hunt safety presentation prior to every hunt.

• Release Agreements and any other forms must be acknowledged and executed by all individuals prior to engaging in any activity on Almost Heaven Plantation.

• All guests will abide by the terms set in the Release Agreements.

• Alcohol consumption is prohibited prior to and during the hunt.

• Guests are expected to refrain from profanity and boisterous behavior.

• Hunters who wish to bring their own dog must provide Almost Heaven Plantation with written proof of vaccinations for each dog at least 10 days prior to the date of the hunt. ALL VACCINATIONS MUST BE UP TO DATE AND MUST INCLUDE THE BORDETELLA VACCINE FOR KENNEL COUGH. Copies can be emailed to robin@rockinrobinkennel.com.

• Dogs are not permitted in areas where food is being served.

• All federal and state laws must be followed including; licensing, game seasons, game limits, and ethical behavior. If you do not already possess a valid SC hunting license, an annual SC preserve license can be purchased for $8.50 in its place. Please refer the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources website @ scdnr.gov for more information or call 1-866-714- 3611 to purchase your license on the phone (available 24/7).

• Automatic and pump action shotguns are not allowed for quail hunts. Over and under and side by side shotguns in 20 gauge or smaller are permitted. Rental guns are available at a cost of $50.00 per hunt.


• If a guide’s dog is shot, wounded, or killed, the hunter responsible will be required to reimburse all veterinary expenses, plus pay a fine up to $5,000. NO LOW SHOTS!

• Orange safety clothing and protective eyewear are required on each hunt. (Eye protection and ear protection will be provided by Almost Heaven.)

• The Hunt Master will control each hunt with safety being the primary concern. Any hunter can be suspended due to unsafe practices during the hunt.

• Hunts can be suspended or canceled due to inclement weather at the sole discretion of the Hunt Master.

• Proper disposal of shell casings and trash are appreciated.

• Tips should be paid separately to the guide, the culinary staff, and cleaning staff.

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